Asha Negi Delves into Personal Connection with Role in ‘Industry’, Highlights Realism in Show

Asha Negi, renowned for her roles in television dramas, steps into a character close to her heart in the series ‘Industry’, where she plays Sanya Sen, an aspiring actress navigating the complexities of the entertainment industry.

In a recent statement, Negi expressed how portraying Sanya, who dreams of transitioning from television to film, resonated deeply with her own journey. “Playing a role so close to my own life was a completely different experience,” she remarked. “Sanya faces the struggles and hustle that come with trying to make it big in films. The show is very relatable, accurately depicting the reality of the industry through her and other characters.”

Negi, known for her role in ‘Pavitra Rishta’, found a personal connection to Sanya, which enriched her portrayal. “I have portrayed many characters in my acting journey, but this one felt more profound because of how closely it mirrored aspects of my own life,” she shared.

Reflecting on the series, Negi emphasized its broader relevance beyond the entertainment world. “‘Industry’ not only explores the journey of a television actor aspiring for film success but also resonates with anyone striving to succeed in any industry,” she elaborated. “There’s always struggle, and my character’s journey closely mirrors my own experiences.”

Set against the backdrop of Mumbai, ‘Industry’ revolves around Ayush Varma (played by Gagan Arora), an aspiring screenwriter navigating the film industry’s challenges. The series features a talented ensemble cast including Chunky Panday, Guneet Monga, Ankita Goraya, Kunal Kapoor, Abhishek Banerjee, Amit Masurkar, Suparn Verma, Sunit Roy, Sumit Arora, and Prosit Roy.

‘Industry’ is currently streaming on Amazon miniTV, offering viewers an insightful and realistic portrayal of the aspirations and hurdles within the entertainment landscape. Asha Negi’s portrayal of Sanya Sen adds a personal touch, contributing to the series’ authenticity and appeal.

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