Exclusive Interview of Pratik (PRK MUSIC) with Mukesh Officials on His Latest Album “PROJECT AMMO”

In an exclusive session of “Interview with Mukesh Officials,” we had the privilege to dive deep into the journey and essence of PRK MUSIC’s latest album, “PROJECT AMMO,” which has been making waves since its release.

Mukesh: Pratik bhai, congratulations on the phenomenal success of your album right from day one. Could you share with us the journey behind creating “PROJECT AMMO”?

PRK: Thank you, Mukesh bhai. It was quite a journey, taking almost a year to complete. I faced numerous challenges and setbacks along the way, but my determination and hard work saw me through to its completion.

Mukesh: The album comprises seven distinct songs, each with its own flavor and narrative. Could you walk us through each song briefly?

PRK: Certainly, Mukesh bhai. Let me give you a quick rundown:

  1. Sanatan: This song delves into the essence of Sanatan dharma, emphasizing peace and unity rather than division. It’s a heartfelt attempt to explain the peaceful nature of our religion.
  2. Munda Desi: Celebrating the simplicity and pride of village life, this song resonates with anyone who identifies with their roots and values simplicity.
  3. Dariya: A personal narrative about longing and guilt, where I express my desire to reconcile amidst a busy life, with a beautiful female vocalist adding a unique charm.
  4. Potential: A track with a strong message about street life and bravado, penned with raw authenticity.
  5. Eng Shit: This song blends English and Hindi to create a vibe that’s both contemporary and engaging, aiming to captivate the audience with its unique style.
  6. R T R: A bold assertion of identity and self-confidence, where I assert my independence and strength.
  7. No to Roits: Ending on a positive note, this song promotes camaraderie and loyalty among friends, while also addressing societal issues like fake friendships and personal style.

Mukesh: It sounds like each song has a distinct personality and message. How did you manage to weave these diverse themes into a cohesive album?

PRK: It was about staying true to my experiences and beliefs while ensuring each song added something unique to the overall narrative of the album. Collaborations and the support of friends like yourself also played a crucial role in shaping this project.

Mukesh: Indeed, your album reflects a rich tapestry of themes and emotions. It was a pleasure to be part of some of these tracks. What are your hopes for “PROJECT AMMO” moving forward?

PRK: I hope the album continues to resonate with listeners from all walks of life, sparking conversations and inspiring people through its music and messages.

In conclusion, “PROJECT AMMO” by PRK MUSIC stands as a testament to artistic perseverance and creative expression, blending genres and themes to deliver a compelling musical experience.

Mukesh: Thank you, Pratik, for sharing your insights with us. We wish you all the success with “PROJECT AMMO.”

This exclusive interview highlights the depth and diversity of PRK MUSIC’s latest album, promising an engaging journey for music enthusiasts worldwide.

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