Mahadev Ka Gorakhpur will change the condition and direction of Bhojpuri cinema: Rajesh Nair

South cinema’s veteran producer-director Rajesh Nair has such a deep love for Bhojpuri language, culture and soil that he took up the responsibility of directing the Bhojpuri film Mahadev based in Gorakhpur. This film, made simultaneously in Bhojpuri and Hindi, is not only going to be released simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada on 29 March 2024, but this is going to be the first time in the history of Bhojpuri cinema that a film made in Bhojpuri language will also be released in America. Is being released. Recently, the film’s director Rajesh Nair talked about this film, here are some special excerpts…

How did the trend shift from South cinema to Bhojpuri industry?

Initially I wanted to make this film in Hindi only. But when I started researching on this topic, I realized that Bhojpuri is very lovely and Bhojpuri is a very lovely and beautiful language. There is a rhythm in speaking dialogues in Bhojpuri. After that we thought that we will make this film in two languages. Then I shot it simultaneously in Bhojpuri and Hindi and dubbed it and released it in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.

How did the idea of making a film on this topic come about?

One of my writer friends is an IAS officer. He had initially written this story. This story is from Shiva tradition. We all consider ourselves great devotees of Shiva. The question is whether we are devotees, but are we warriors of Shiva. Mahakal has created his own army to protect the people. Which is considered to be a part of him which when the time comes, he comes to know what he has to do. Who and what is that? I myself am a great devotee of Shiva. I felt that this subject is very close to my heart and a very beautiful film can be made on it.

How did you approach Ravi Kishan for this film?

While searching for Veer Bhadra, Ravi came to Kishan, his eyes impress a lot. When you see his eyes in the film, you will know why I chose him for this film. He is a very amazing artist. In this film, he will be seen in the role of Shiva’s part Veer Bhadra and a police officer.

The way Ravi Kishan’s character is seen in the film, it seems that the story of the film is told in two periods?

The story of this film is not just about one or two periods. Many periods will be seen in this film. In this film, the story of a different time period will be seen through Ravi Kishan ji’s role of Veer Bhadra and the story of a different time period will be seen through his role of a police officer. Between these two periods, many such interesting versions will come which the audience will enjoy watching and will get to see a different Bhojpuri cinema through this film.

You have already made the film in Bhojpuri and Hindi, apart from this, what are you thinking behind releasing this film in other languages of the country?

‘Mahadev Ka Gorakhpur’ is a universal subject. The subject of this film is quite unique in itself. This is a film which will be liked by the audience if it is dubbed and released in any language. Even if seen from a business point of view, Ravi Kishan ji has a huge fan following in the South. Anyway, I believe that cinema cannot be bound by region and language. Good cinema always makes its place in the hearts of the audience, no matter which region or language it is.

In the end, what would you like to say to the audience?

I would like to say that come and watch the movie in the theater with the whole family and your children. For some time, Bhojpuri cinema has been accused of being obscene. Some people who came in recent years spoiled it out of greed and money making. There was a time when big stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan used to do Bhojpuri films with great respect. I hope that the lost respect of Bhojpuri cinema will return through this film.

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