Punjabi Romantic Song “Chori Chori” Captivates Audiences with Its Heartfelt Melodies

Prepare to be swept off your feet by the enchanting rhythms of “Chori Chori”, a delightful Punjabi romantic song that has quickly become a sensation among music lovers. Released by Eye Media Network India, this track is winning hearts with its peppy beats and soulful lyrics.

“Chori Chori” effortlessly captures the essence of love and courtship, blending energetic drums, electrifying guitars, and catchy bass lines that are bound to get listeners grooving.

Directed by the talented Joel Smith, the music video features the captivating duo of Hritu Dudani Smith and Prateek Jain, creating a visual spectacle that perfectly complements the song’s charm. Shot entirely in Punjab, the video preserves the vibrant essence of Punjabi culture, adding to its authenticity.

Reflecting on the creation of this musical gem, Director Joel Smith shared, “This song has always been a personal favorite of mine. When I met Yash Wadali, the original singer, I expressed my admiration for the track. On a whim, we decided to create a remix, and Yash enthusiastically agreed. It was a spontaneous decision that truly paid off.”

“I didn’t have to struggle much with this project; it naturally fell into place. After finalizing the remix, I brought on board producers Umanng Mathur and Jay Pandya, along with our talented leads Hritu and Prateek Jain. Given its Punjabi roots, we felt it was essential to shoot the entire video in Punjab to maintain its authenticity,” he added.

Renowned playback artist Yash Wadali has not only lent his soulful voice to “Chori Chori” but also composed its music, with lyrics penned by Raman Jangwal.

The song is now available for streaming on YouTube and all major music platforms, offering listeners a chance to experience its magic firsthand. Don’t miss out on this musical journey that has audiences falling in love anew.

Watch “Chori Chori” on YouTube: [Chori Chori – Official Music Video]

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