Surbhi Jyoti Reflects on Bond with ‘Gunaah’ Co-star Zayn Ibad Khan and Role Challenges

Actress Surbhi Jyoti, renowned for her roles in popular shows like ‘Qubool Hai’ and ‘Naagin 3’, has opened up about her experience working on the gripping web series ‘Gunaah’. Playing the character Tara alongside co-stars Gashmeer Mahajani and Zayn Ibad Khan, Surbhi shared insights into her bond with fellow actors and the challenges of portraying a complex role.

In a candid conversation with VOICE, Surbhi delved into her camaraderie with Zayn Ibad Khan, highlighting a mutual love for the iconic American TV sitcom ‘Friends’. Despite not sharing scenes with Gashmeer Mahajani, who also plays a pivotal role in the series, Surbhi praised both actors for their warmth and professionalism. “Zayn and I instantly connected because we’re both ardent ‘Friends’ fans,” she revealed, adding, “Gashmeer, though initially reserved, brought a lot of fun to the set once he warmed up.”

Reflecting on the preparation for her role as Tara, Surbhi emphasized the intricate nature of the characters and the rigorous script readings that were essential to understanding their complexities. “Each character had its own challenges,” she noted, dispelling notions of physical training but underscoring the mental acuity required to portray her character effectively.

When asked about memorable moments from the shoot, Surbhi fondly recalled the dynamic shifts in her character between past and present timelines. “Every day was unique,” she remarked, detailing how her interactions with different characters evolved based on Tara’s evolving persona. “The contrast between ‘past’ and ‘present’ Tara provided intriguing dynamics that kept me eagerly anticipating each day of filming.”

Addressing the mental toll of playing a multi-layered character like Tara, Surbhi admitted to occasional inner conflicts between herself and the role she portrayed. “As Surbhi, I knew the script, but as Tara, I often navigated through her complexities differently,” she explained. Despite these challenges, Surbhi embraced the role wholeheartedly, viewing it as an opportunity to delve into a character’s psyche and deliver a compelling performance.

Directed by Anil Senior with Anirudh Pathak as the show-runner, ‘Gunaah’ has garnered attention for its intense storyline and powerful performances. The series, now available on Disney+Hotstar, continues to captivate audiences with its narrative depth and stellar ensemble cast.

Surbhi Jyoti’s portrayal in ‘Gunaah’ reaffirms her versatility as an actress willing to immerse herself in diverse roles, further solidifying her presence in the digital entertainment space. As fans await more from this talented actress, Surbhi remains focused on exploring new avenues and delivering memorable performances on screen.


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