With Teacher’s Support, Subhash Savitri Kisan More is Set to Secure Victory

Subhash Savitri Kisan More, a prominent figure in Mumbai’s educational landscape, is running for the Mumbai Teachers Constituency Election, representing Shikshak Bharati. For the past 18 years, Shikshak Bharati’s Kapil Patil has held this position, but now, the baton has been passed to More.

More has been at the forefront of many significant initiatives for teachers’ rights, such as advocating for the old pension scheme and leading the Battery Morcha for night schools. His dedication to the cause has been evident through his frequent visits to schools, meeting teachers personally. This activity has notably intensified over the last six months, giving his campaign a head start even before his competitors realized.

Shikshak Bharati, under the leadership of Kapil Patil, has been credited with numerous accomplishments for teachers. These include the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, securing new school buildings for those affected by Mumbai floods, and the suspension of corrupt officers in the education department. This legacy of significant work provides a substantial advantage for More.

Subhash More’s future plans include introducing cashless schemes for teachers and streamlining the employment process. His vision for the future resonates with many educators who have witnessed his commitment and efforts firsthand.

We spoke to several senior leaders at Shikshak Bharati, who expressed their confidence in More’s victory. One leader stated, “Our work and legacy are such that we are going to win. There is no denial in that. This is a teachers’ constituency election, and teachers are not influenced by party politics or false promises. These are people who mold the nation’s future, and they know what is good for them and what is not. They can’t be easily manipulated. Hence, we have a strong hold, and the remaining candidates don’t stand a chance.”

Recently, on June 5th, Mr. More filed his nomination at Konkan Bhawan Belapur. The event saw a sea of teachers who joined him and shared their feedback on why they support Shikshak Bharati and Subhash Savitri Kisan More. One of the teachers said, “The election is set to take place on 26th June, and we have already decided to write 1 in front of Subhash Savitri Kisan More’s name and confirm his victory. We are certain he will win.”

With such strong support and a solid track record, winning the Mumbai Teachers Constituency election seems like a cakewalk for Subhash More. His dedication and the legacy of Shikshak Bharati are set to lead him to victory, ensuring continued progress and benefits for the teaching community.

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