‘Photography is about instinct and being spontaneous’: Portrait photographer Shikha Khanna

Shikha Khanna, who is all set to launch a coffee table book comprising self portraits of 100 mothers, said, “I want for these 100 mums and their families to recognise that their stories matter.

A mother herself, portrait and baby photographer Shikha Khanna — who has exclusively worked with mothers throughout her professional journey — decided to make the voices of 100 mothers, who have created a niche in their respective fields, heard in an artistic way. This resolve has now taken the shape of a coffee table book — 100 Self Portrait, 100 Dreams — which, she says, was born of the need for a mother to be “honoured for her selfless effort.” “This thought led me to conduct 100 interviews with mothers from all walks of life,” Khanna who specialises in baby, child, and family photography.

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