Hoy Maharaja Review: The story of ‘Hoy Maharaja’ goes in a humorous way, funny dialogues and Great acting performance


In a world where everyone is chasing after worldly happiness, moments of love, respect, and genuine joy seem to be dwindling. “Hoy Maharaja” brilliantly captures this essence while providing a thoroughly entertaining experience. This crime-comedy film, directed by Shailesh L. S. Shetty under the LMS Films Pvt. Ltd. banner, weaves a tale that’s both engaging and thought-provoking, with a story, screenplay, and dialogues penned by Sanchit Bedre.

The narrative follows Ramesh, also known as Ramya (played by Prathamesh Parab), and his maternal uncle (played by Abhijit Chavan). Ramesh moves to Mumbai in search of a good job, and his uncle harbors high hopes for his financial success. The plot takes an intriguing turn when Ramesh secures a job and unexpectedly meets Ayesha (Ankita Lande), sparking a sweet romance. However, driven by their dreams of wealth, Ramesh devises a clever plan which he shares with his uncle and Rashid Bhai (Sandeep Pathak). The ensuing adventures are filled with humor and suspense, especially when a goon named Anna (Vaibhav Mangale) kidnaps Ayesha, leading to a thrilling climax.

Director Shailesh L. S. Shetty skillfully presents this story with a humorous touch, complemented by strong performances and witty dialogues. The cast, including Prathamesh Parab, Ankita Lande, Abhijit Chavan, Sameer Chowghule, and Vaibhav Mangle, deliver effortless performances that bring plenty of laughs. Notably, the chemistry between Prathamesh and Ankita is charming, and the use of Malvani language adds a delightful cultural flavor.

Sandeep Pathak shines in his eccentric role as Rashid Bhai, with his hilarious body language and dialogues. Ankita Lande’s performance is both glamorous and engaging, marking her as a standout talent in Marathi cinema.

The film also features a captivating love story intertwined with humor, supported by excellent music from composers Chinar-Mahesh. The songs “Halke Halke Tu Sang Na…” and “Ka Mana Vede” are beautifully rendered, enhancing the overall experience. Vasudev Rane’s cinematography is visually striking, adding to the film’s appeal.

While there are a few illogical moments, they are easily overshadowed by the film’s entertainment value. “Hoy Maharaja” serves as a reminder not to take wrong steps for the lure of money, wrapped in a comedy that keeps the audience thoroughly entertained.

Overall, “Hoy Maharaja” is a delightful and humorous film that promises a fun ride, making it a must-watch for those looking for a good laugh and an engaging story.

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Movie RatingHoy Maharaja Review: The story of 'Hoy Maharaja' goes in a humorous way, funny dialogues and Great acting performance