Kashish Duggal Opens Up About Playing Classical Dance Teacher in ‘Suhaagan’

Actress Kashish Duggal has embraced a new challenge in her career with the role of Prabha, a classical dance teacher, in the television series ‘Suhaagan’. Despite her excitement for the character, Kashish initially felt apprehensive due to her lack of formal training in classical dance.

Known for her expressive performances and recent stint in ‘Aangan Aapno Kaa’, Kashish shared her thoughts on stepping into the shoes of Prabha. “In this show, I play Prabha, a classical dance teacher who holds significant roles in the lives of the protagonists. The character promises to unravel layers of depth and complexity as the story progresses,” she revealed.

Expressing her mixed emotions upon receiving the role, Kashish admitted, “When I was offered the role of Prabha, I had mixed feelings. Dance is integral to my life and has been a driving force in my journey into television. Many people appreciate my expressive dance style, but I was apprehensive because I lack formal training in classical dance.”

Acknowledging her natural affinity for dance, Kashish added, “Dance has always been a part of me, albeit in a freestyle manner. While I have desired to learn various dance forms, my busy schedule often posed challenges. However, I see this role as an opportunity to explore classical dance skills and grow as an artist.”

‘Suhaagan’, which recently took a 20-year leap, introduces new dynamics with actors Pragati Choursiya, Akshay Kharodia, and Dhwani Gori stepping into pivotal roles alongside existing cast members. The show continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline revolving around familial ties and intricate relationships.

Airing on Colors, ‘Suhaagan’ promises to showcase Kashish Duggal in a new light, highlighting her versatility and dedication to portraying diverse characters on screen. Fans eagerly anticipate her portrayal of Prabha as the series unfolds, exploring themes of tradition, love, and personal growth amidst the backdrop of classical dance.


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